Day 6: Affirming Well-Being Through Mantras and Positive Affirmations

In today’s meditation, we focus on the importance and power of mantras & positive affirmations. The Sanskrit translation of mantra is ‘mind tool’ or ‘vehicle of the mind’. Traditionally, mantras are a sound, syllable, word or word group of words that are capable of transforming us inside & out ~ with the power of our own thoughts.  As every thought, creates emotion, which manifests into our physical reality…

In the words of Buddha, “all that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.  What we think, we become.”  If we take this concept into the root of our lives, we begin to cultivate an awareness of our inner dialogue and how that impacts our experience within this world.  In our modern day lives, simply by infusing mantras and positive affirmations into our daily thinking and routine, we begin to become a powerful co-creator of our experiences!

Within Chopra’s book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, he uses three key mantras (Sat, Chit, Anand), which allow us to emit vibrations that free our soul from limitations.  My soul has spontaneous knowing, my soul exist in complete fulfillment. My inner dialogue reflects the fire of my soul.


♥ Sat  (meaning truth, freedom from all limitation)

♥ Chit (meaning total knowledge & spontaneous knowing)

♥ Anand (meaning bliss and total happiness fulfillment)

Now, with eyes closed and feet grounded on the earth, find a comfortable relaxed position.  Relax your face, jaw, shoulders, any part of your body that holds tension as you prepare meditation.  During your meditative 5-10 minutes silently repeat Sat, Chit, Ananda.

As you begin to release your meditation, please release the repetition of the mantra. Draw attention to your heart space, bringing light and awareness. Imagine you are centered and totally at peace in your life.  {Repeat ‘Sat, Chit, Anand’}  Now imagine you are looking at the world with knowingness and peace. {Sat Chit Anand}  Imagine all beings are your equal. {Sat Chit Anand}  And finally imagine you are focused on the journey, not the destination. {Silently repeat Sat, Chit Anand}  Draw awareness to heart space.  Next cultivate a white light emanating from your heart and then from your entire body. As you exhale, release anything you are holding onto.  At your core being, you are truth, total knowledge and bliss (Sat, Chit, Anand).  Namaste (xo)


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